Vibrational Beauty Therapy Line of Skin Care Products

While Energy Light Rejuvenation yields fantastic results, ongoing skin care will be needed to maintain your new youthful look. Acu-Care Health Centers is proud to announce that we now carry an organic, completely non-toxic line of skin care products that will help you keep your youthful radiance.

Many skin care products contain DMDM Hydantion, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Diazolidinyl Urea, Sodium Dydroxymethyglycinate and Quaterium-15, all of which are formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. The Vibrational Beauty Therapy™ (VBT) skin care products are gentle, pure and healthy for the skin. VBT's formulations are made with the finest ingredients and contain:

  • No formaldehyde-releasing preservatives
  • No parabens
  • No mineral oils
  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No pesticide or herbicide residues
  • No harmful or irradiated ingredients
  • No genetically modified organisms (GMO's)
  • No animal by-products and
  • No animal testing!

The VBT skin care products not only focus on cosmetic aspects, but more so on renewal. These skin care products are state-of-the-art and we are confident you will be pleased.

VBT Cleanser (8 oz) VBT Cleanser (8 oz)
VBT Cleanser is great for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is gentle, highly concentrated and can be used for removing make-up.

VBT Gel (4 oz) VBT Gel (4 oz)
Get reacquainted with the youthful skin you used to know with this powerful yet gentle renewing serum. VBT Gel is a vital adjunct to microlight facial rejuvenation sessions. It is a skin healant and pain reliever for skin irritations, acne, pimples, burns, sun-burns, cuts, dry lips, bee stings, mouth ulcers, psoriasis, dry eyes. Apply to cleansed skin. Follow with moisturizer if necessary.

VBT Mudd Masque (4 oz) VBT Mudd Masque (4 oz)
Benefit from kaolin clay, Nature's gift to skin. Deep clean pores, remove impurities and firm skin. Enriched with vitamins and minerals to nourish and protect. Use 1-2 times per week. Apply thin coat to cleansed skin. Leave on 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Follow with Moisturizer.

VBT Moisturizer (4 oz) VBT Moisturizer (4 oz)
Replenish lost moisture with this luxurious créme containing collagen to firm skin. Use it on your face, neck, decollete, hands and body...anywhere you want soft, radiant skin! Apply to cleansed skin or after VBT Gel. Can be used around eye area, face, hands and body.

VBT Renewal Cream (1 oz) VBT Renewal Creme (1 oz)
Provides a dramatic firming effect on the skin, increases smoothness and tonality, and aids in wrinkle reduction. Beneficial for acne, burns, liver spots and scar tissue. Enriched with collagen to boost skin's firmness and humectants and other healants to provide superior skin renewal. Apply to cleansed skin or after VBT Gel.

For more information on any of these skin care products and microlight facial rejuvenation, visit the web site, or .

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